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Workshop on Taking a User Perspective to Teaching International Accounting

Sunday, October 27, 2013 (1-5 pm)

As business and capital markets have continued to grow more globalized, the need for cross-border financial information has correspondingly increased.   This has brought international accounting to the forefront.   While the required level of detailed knowledge of international accounting issues varies between organizations, there are few businesses that are not impacted by globalization and hence by international accounting issues.

This workshop provides information on teaching an international accounting courses taking a user (as opposed to a preparer) perspective.  Most students taking a course in international accounting in a bachelors or MBA program are unlikely to actually be engaged in preparing financial statements over their professional careers.  However, many business professionals regularly find themselves making decisions based on financial information that originates in other countries.  This take can take the form of evaluating the performance of a subsidiary, affiliated organization or joint venture in another country, making credit decisions on customers located abroad, or making cross-border investing or financing decisions based on opportunities in other countries.  Understanding how to use international accounting information is an important skill for managers engaged in global business.

This four-hour workshop will cover topics and assignments that merit inclusion in an international accounting course that takes a user perspective.  It will also provide a sample syllabus and other pedagogical materials. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Financial Reporting in the Global Arena
  • The Move to International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Selected Financial Reporting and Disclosure Issues in the Global Context
  • Social Reporting and the Audit of Social Reports
  • Using Corporate Financial Information Across Borders
  • Financial Reporting in Emerging Economies
  • Managerial and Taxation Issues in International Accounting


Dr. Shahrokh Saudagaran,
Dean, Milgard School of Business, University of Washington Tacoma &
Secretary General of the Asian Academic Accounting Association

Workshop Fee

US$120 for 4A Conference Registrants/ US$150 for others

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